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Collaboration with FoodBoom

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Marketing Denmark in collaboration with German Foodboom, a team of food enthusiasts and influencers – and the fastest growing gastromedia brand in Europe.

Foodboom is  a TV, print and online network with 1.3 million fans and a reach of over 20 million every month. FoodBoom reaches 80 million touchpoints and 15 million views each month.

One collaboration – two campaigns

VisitDenmark has collaborated with FoodBoom on two occasions to market Denmark in Germany. The first time was in 2017, where we focused on the southern Danish coasts (Dänische Ostsee), and the second time was in 2018 with focus on the Westcoast.

Campaign 1: Gastro experiences at "Dänische Ostsee"

In collaboration with Danish Coast- and Nature Tourism and Dansommer, we invited FoodBoom to the Southern Danish coasts (Dänische Ostsee) in 2017. The campaign was launched in January 2018, and included a combination of commentaries, videos and pictures as well as recipes from selected destinations, which were published in FoodBoom’s print magazine (circulation 100,000) with approx. 10 pages about Denmark, on an independent campaign site about Denmark and on FoodBoom’s German Facebook page, Instagram profile and YouTube channel.

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Results from the campaign



6.9 mill.

People reached:


4.6 mill.

Video views:






Campaign 2: Culinary hotspots along the Westcoast

In August 2018, FoodBoom visited the West Coast from Blåvand to Skagen, this time in collaboration with Danish Coast & Nature Tourism and Feriepartner, to experience culinary hotspots along “Die Dänische Nordsee”. The campaign went live in March 2019 with its own campaign site.

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Results from the campaign



3.15 mill.

People reached:


2.56 mill.

Video views:


5.25 mill.




About the campaigns

Campaign period: January 2018 and March 2019

Marked: Germany

Partnere: Danish Coast and Nature Tourism, Dansommer and Feriepartner

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