The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl (eng)

Foto: Universal Pictures

Co-branding collaboration on the Oscar-winning movie about Danish Lili Elbe.

The Danish Girl is based on the true story of Danish Lili Elbe, who in 1931 became the first transgender person in the world to undergo gender reassignment surgery. The movie was directed by Oscar-winning Tom Hooper and starred Eddie Redmayne in the lead role as Lili Elbe, while Swedish Alicia Vikander played the female lead role and won an Oscar for her performance.

The Danish Girl - clapper

The Danish Girl

Foto: Universal Pictures

The co-branding campaign was centered around competitions in each market, where the prize was an extended weekend to “the Danish girl’s Copenhagen” with all expenses paid and a focus on the themes shared by the movie and Denmark. SoMe posts, a landing page on VisitDenmark’s website, newsletters plus shares and mentions in the industry and its niche media drove the traffic and provided participants for the competition. At the same time, the movie was frequently mentioned in the media. Only images and stills from the movie was used as campaign material.

About the campaign

Campaign period: 2016

Target group: City breakers

Markets: UK, US, Sweden, France and Italy

Partner: Universal Pictures



17 mill.


Ad value:

DKK 3.5 mill.

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