Vahine from Cold Hawaii Surf Center at the coast of Klitmøller, Denmark

Coast and Nature - Winter Campaign

Foto: Mads Tolstrup

The campaign highlights the unique experiences Denmark offers in winter within the outdoor theme.

Traditionally, November is a month with few overnight stays in Coastal and Nature Tourism. But new travel trends allowed us to create awareness for inspiring short breaks by focusing on accessible but unique "away from the crowds" experiences across the country.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness of Denmark as a coastal and nature destination in winter, using engaging and authentic content for a travel-ready audience.

To give an authentic insight and depth to our narrative, we chose to have the campaign carried forward by ambassadors, each of whom were passionate in their field and represented unique winter experiences in Denmark.

Oysters safari, fresh oysters in sunshine on the west coast
Foto: Mads Tolstrup
Dark Sky, Møns Klint
Foto: astrorms/Ruslan Merzlyakov

We focused on these three experiences: Oyster safari at the Wadden Sea, Dark Sky on Møn and Winter surfing in Klitmøller.

Surfing ved Klitmøller

Winter Wonders

Foto: Mads Tolstrup

The campaign was rolled out in November 2021 in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, and ran on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest until the end of February 2022. During the same period, we had local media collaborations on the 4 markets and ran advertorials in the Dutch Volkskrant, Die Welt in Germany, Bonnier in Sweden, and Dagbladet in Norway.

About the campaign

Launch: November 2021

Target group: PCouples and friends, 30-65 years of age

Markets: Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany


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