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The Seven Everyday Wonders of Denmark

Foto: Maria Sattrup - Copenhagen Media Center

What is it that differentiates Denmark from other destinations? And why is Denmark worth visiting?

Our seven theme stories offer the answers to these critical questions and are designed to create a clear position in VisitDenmark's markets. They are visible in VisitDenmark's communication across all activities. We encourage everyone who works with Denmark as a travel destination to use these stories as inspiration to develop new experiences or communicate the experiences that already exist.

People love lists. Especially lists of places to see or things to do before you die. The Seven Wonders of the World is the ultimate bucket list, and there are many variations, from colossal ancient monuments to the greatest landmarks in the world today. But in Denmark, we celebrate the glorious qualities of the most simple things in life.

We look for a touch of magic in the ordinary, and we know that travel is more than ticking sights off a list. It’s about finding the wonder in the things you see, the places you go.

Our list of Seven Wonders goes beyond the big attractions and brings you closer to the ordinary things that make Denmark a fantastic destination to visit. So let's dive in and take a closer look!

1. Our Food

Try world-class cuisine or local favourites all in our bite-sized country.

Foto: Jason Loucas
Foto: Liza Sk ✈️ ???London

We’ve come a long way from the days of porridge and potatoes! (Although porridge is in again, you know.) Yes, Denmark’s restaurants have evolved to push the boundaries in food exploration and experience. We even pioneered the much-lauded Nordic cuisine movement, which is all about local, sustainable and seasonal food. So while you can try a traditional hot dog from a street seller or even classic Danish comfort food, porridge (grød), when you're here, you could also experience the freshest Nordic produce in some of the world’s best restaurants. Taste your way to a real understanding of Danish culture!

2. Our Culture

Let a little of the wonderful Danish everyday rub off on you.

Foto: Thomas Rousing
Foto: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Don’t ask a Dane to explain hygge. We’re not very good at it. We’re better at showing it. It starts with taking pleasure in the small things. Soaking up the atmosphere in the cafés and restaurants across the country. Chatting to locals. Going where the Danes go. (Preferably on a bike. If you want to blend in.) Trying things the Danes try. There’s no better way to rekindle your wonder in your own everyday than to experience Danish culture up close. We’re some of the happiest people in the world after all!

3. Our Nature

Reconnect to the simple wonders of the natural world.

Yellow rapeseed fields close to Aarhus in Denmark
Foto: Dennis Borup Jakobsen
Kinder spielen an der dänischen Nordsee, Fischerboote liegen am Strand
Foto: Mette Johnsen

Who needs mountains? We don’t! And it’s not because we don’t have any. (Although we really don’t have any.) It’s because our nature is right here, ready to walk into. We have a countryside crying out to be explored by all. Picturesque coastlines perfect for a gentle bike ride along the sea. Rolling forests full of hidden wonders. We have all that dramatic stuff too; white cliffs, enormous dunes and islands to escape to. But the best thing by far is how easy it is to disconnect from the everyday and reconnect to nature in our great little kingdom.

4. Our History

Walk through history and rekindle your wonder in the past.

Foto: Ribe Vikingecenter
Foto: Daniel Overbeck - VisitNordsjælland

We’ve had our fair share of dramatic historical events in Denmark. We were once Vikings after all. Add that to our royal heritage and you get a little kingdom full of tangible wonders; hidden treasures from ancient rune stones to Hamlet’s castle. Getting this close to the everyday of the past is a magical way to spend quality time with those you care about and to rekindle your wonder in the now. 

5. Our Coastline

Let your cares and stresses melt away by the sea, no matter the time of year.

Fiskerbåde på Slettestrand
Foto: Niclas Jessen
Foto: Malthe Zimakoff - Copenhagen Media Center

When was the last time you sat and listened to the sound of nothing but gentle lapping waves? Felt the sea and the air blend in to one another? We should all be doing more of this! Our relationship to the sea in Denmark truly is a wonder. We’re surrounded by water. In fact, you’re never more than 52 km from the sea, so our coastline is pretty much our whole country. We have over 400 islands to explore. Some of us are crazy enough to swim in the ice-cold winter. We really are mad about life by the sea.

6. Our Creations

Celebrate the simplicity and beauty of everyday through Danish design.

Foto: © Isbjerget (2013) – CEBRA, JDS Architects, Louis Paillard and SeARCH. Photo: Dennis Borup Jakobsen
Foto: Kim Wyon

We are happy to blow our own trumpet when it comes to design, because we are really good at it! From iconic buildings to world-famous furniture, seeing the way design is blended into all aspects of Danish life is a good way to re-focus on the simplicity and beauty of daily life. We even design our cities around quality of life. So whether you want to get to know design classics, fall back in love with LEGO®, explore sustainable interior design, or simply marvel at the way Denmark looks and feels, the best place to do it is here!

7. Our Neighbourhoods

See how our urban destinations are a breath of fresh air.

Foto: Ditte Isager
Foto: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

Small is beautiful, especially when it comes to our Danish cities. You can explore them on foot or by bike, without getting tired legs or selfied out. Our famous sights (and yes, there are lots of them) and attractions (lots of these too) are all close together and easy to get to. Along our beautiful coastline, nestled on our islands, and close to our capital (Copenhagen, or The Best City in the World) there are pretty villages and historical towns waiting to be explored.

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