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Imagination OL i London 2012 - pavillon

Imagination - 2012 Olympics in London

Foto: VisitDenmark

A different Danish marketing platform in the heart of London during the 2012 Olympics.

When we carried out “IMAGINATION – Discover the Danish Spirit” in 2012, it was the largest marketing event in the history of VisitDenmark. The idea was to brand Denmark and Danish lifestyle, as well as Danish products and competences to the many international visitors in London during the Olympics. The focus was on showcasing Denmark as an attractive destination for companies and tourists with the opportunity to experience the Danish hygge, atmosphere and quality of life up close.

Imagination - OL i London 2012 - cykel
Foto: VisitDenmark
Imagination - OL i London 2012 - publikum
Foto: VisitDenmark

The London Olympics was the biggest international sporting event of the time, and during the three Olympic weeks, the world’s attention was focused on London. The expectation was that the Olympics would attract an extra 5-6 million tourists to London, of which 2/3 were from the UK and 1/3 international guests. Both groups were interesting and even though people come to watch the Olympics, they are susceptible to other impressions as well. In addition, up to 20,000 British and international press people were in town to cover the Olympics.

VisitDenmark’s strategy was to give visitors the experience of visiting Denmark all the while trying to make an impression on them by letting them try the taste of Denmark, feed their brain cells, give them new perspectives and appreciate the many creative and innovative experiences that Denmark has to offer – all in a fun, accommodating, different, including and relaxing environment.

Imagination - OL i London 2012 - OL-ringene
Foto: VisitDenmark

The IMAGINATION area was located at St Katharine Docks, London, and took form of a “country”. A Danish holiday home and a number of pavilions ensured that the participating Danish brands had good exposure and they were all involved in creating a welcoming Danish setting with tastings, competitions, exhibitions and meetings, VIP events, product launches and press meetings – everything served in the typically unformal Danish atmosphere.


Total no. of visitors:



No. of expected travel decisions:



Total value of the activites:


DKK 1.7 mill.

Preference for IMAGINATION compared to other country events:



About the campaign

Campaign period: July 27 - August 12, 2012

Målgruppe: B2C, B2B and international press

Market: UK

Partners: Development, building and operation of the event area was run in collaboration with TV2. In addition, 57 paying Danish partners participated. The partners were a broad mix of international Danish brands, smaller private companies as well as public and semi-public organizations.

Other results:

  • IMAGINATION was rated no. 2 out of 40 promotional platforms during the Olympics by The Sunday Times.
  • 84% of the visitors felt more inspired to travel to Denmark.
  • 81% of the visitors said they were likely or very likely to travel to Denmark in the near future.
  • IMAGINATION was visited by 15 TV stations, incl. CNN and Reuters TV, 13 British news papers, 3 radio stations, 6 magazines and 9 Danish media. 
  • 6 press events took place, incl. one for 35 international bloggers.
  • 85% of the surveyed partners were either satisfied or very satisfied with their participation.
  • 70% of the surveyed partners found it to attractive to participate in similar events in the future.
  • The event's average cost per awareness was DKK 0,64 (benchmark DKK 2,82)
  • The event's average cost per preference was DKK 4,00 (benchmark DKK 22,00)
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