Heart of Denmark - OL i Rio 2016 - pavillon

Heart of Denmark - 2016 Olympics in Rio

Foto: VisitDenmark

A global showcase for Denmark during one of the world’s most visible events: The Olympic Games.

After VisitDenmark's successful marketing event during the Olympic Games in London in 2012, VisitDenmark and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs took initiative to create a global showcase for Denmark during one of the world’s most visible events – The Olympic Games. As the only country in the world, Denmark managed to get permission to place a pavilion on the famous Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics.

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Heart of Denmark - OL i Rio 2016 - evaluering

Evaluation of VisitDenmark's promotion activities during the Olympics in Rio

”Heart of Denmark” was a success! The pavilion’s unique location, content and narrative created significant press results and value for the visitors, and it was an extraordinary frame for the participating Danish companies and organizations.


Total no. of visitors:



No. of represented media:



No. of mentions in the press about Denmark



Press Ad-value:


DKK 113.9 mill.

About the campaign

Campaign period: August 2016

Target group: B2B and international press

Markets: Global promotion

Partners: 39 Danish companies participated as partners. In addition, 79 Danish companies contributed to the exhibition

Satisfaction among visitors: 96% of the surveyed visitors were either satisfied or very satisfied with the pavilion

Satisfaction among partners: 83% of the surveyed partners were either satisfied or very satisfied with the promotion activity

Lars Schaldemose
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