N8 Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Baltic Sea Cycle Route - N8

Foto: Michael Fiukowski & Sarah Moritz

VisitDenmark ran a three-year campaign on behalf of eight partners to promote the new national cycle route, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route.

Based on a common core narrative for the full Baltic Sea Cycle Route, also known as the N8, VisitDenmark carried out a three-year campaign on behalf of the involved destinations, Dansk Kyst & Naturturisme and Dansk Cykelturisme. The campaign was part of a two-track effort, with parallel work on the product development of the route. The initiative was carried out with support from the Danish Business Promotion Board.

With the concept "Hygge on two wheels", the campaign was developed within the themes Nature/space, Gastronomy/hygge and Meet the locals and focused on the special, authentic experiences you will be getting directly from the seat of your bike in the different parts of Denmark that the 820 km long Baltic Sea Route takes you through.

N8 Baltic Sea Cycle Route
Foto: Daniel Villadsen
N8 Baltic Sea Cycle Route
Foto: Daniel Villadsen

The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness among the target group, influence their reason to go and inspire as many potential visitors with an interest in cycling as possible to spend their holiday in Denmark - all while raising awareness of the destinations involved.

A lady stands with a bike in Hindsgavl National Park, Denmark

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Foto: Michael Fiukowski and Sarah Moritz

The campaign consisted of a combination of marketing in the form of digital campaigns with an emphasis on video, digital advertorials and inserts/articles in special interest magazines, a press campaign with press releases and press visits and participation at the Dutch Cycling and Hiking Fair.

About the campaign

Campaign period: 2019-2021

Target group: Adult couples and friends with an interest in biking/biking holidays

Markets: Germany, The Netherlands, Italy (press only) and France (press only)

Partners: VisitSydsjælland-Møn, VisitLolland-Falster, Destination Sjælland, Destination Fyn, VisitLillebælt, Destination Sønderjylland, Dansk Kyst- & Naturturisme and Dansk Cykelturisme.



Total Impressions:



126 mill.




6.7 mill. times





1.6 mill. times

PR Ad-value:




DKK 10.18 mill.

Maria Steensgaard
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