Kriss Kyle on the ferry Ida

Ride the Land of Everyday Wonder (eng)

Foto: VisitDenmark

Collaboration with one of the world's largest media houses to market Denmark in a new - and perhaps a little more action-oriented - way.

At VisitDenmark, we always strive to create good content that consumers will want to see. But even though Denmark is beautiful, that alone is not always enough to get a younger audience, who often only hold the attention for a few seconds at a time, to open their eyes to our small country.

That’s why we teamed up with Red Bull in 2019 to make a film that would show Denmark in a slightly different way. The goal was to create some really great content and an organic distribution that would make users see, like, comment and share the content - and of course also keep the attention long enough to experience some of Denmark's excellence.

Kriss Kyle on Skovtårnet
Foto: VisitDenmark
Kriss Kyle in Legoland
Foto: VisitDenmark

We created a film tailored for social media, which was to be lifted by the viewers’ engagement. Both to increase the visibility and credibility of the campaign. The goal was for the film to be spread by the viewers and not by VisitDenmark.

Case video: Ride the Land of Everyday Wonder

Foto: Thomas Høyrup Christensen - Copenhagen Media Center

Watch the film in its full lenght here.

With more than 18 million cross-platform impressions and well over 500,000 engagement without any paid advertising, the mission was a success. At the same time, as much as 66.4% of all video views were carried out by people aged 18-39, and thus - as desired - our content also reached the younger audience.

Along with the video, VisitDenmark advertised in Red Bull's channels and thus captured an action-hungry audience with relevant content. In addition, the clip, or parts of it, was shown on TV 789 times across the globe. We think that's pretty okay!

About the campaign

Campaign launch: November 2019

Target group: Everyone with the desire for an active holiday

Markets: Globally, but with primary focus on VisitDenmark's priority markets (Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Italy, UK and US)

Partnere: Red Bull and 13 Danish destinations and attractions


Impressions across SoMe channels:


18 mill.

Total engagements:



Avg. view time on Facebook:


24 sec.
(+ 150% of market average)

Avg. view time on YouTube:


2 min. and 56 sec.
(Full length 5.02)

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